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  Layouts that I've created during my time working with TRAINZ and am currently working on

While some of the layouts below are currently under construction all the completed layouts are available for free download


So far I have two layouts:

Aotearoa - finished and available for download

Murchison County logging  - finished and available for download

Click on the images to view an enlargement


Aotearoa is a non-prototypical layout which I created in January 2002 for the 4 board layout competition and subsequently received 2nd placing.

The layout is "loosely" based on New Zealand countryside and, apart from one custom texture, uses ONLY the items and texture available with the standard 1st release of TRAINZ.My main aim was to experiment with as many of the features of TRAINZ that were then available.

Be aware that the layout is very highly detailed and a slow computer may have trouble in keeping the frame rates up.

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700kb Aotearoa.cdp



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Pick here to go to the Murchison County Page


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